Time Out

Brittany Carress Photography

Child, go sit in that corner. Stop your crying, think about what you have done, and what you will do from here. Wipe those salty tears from your cheeks. Blow ferociously into a Kleenex. BUCK UP BUTTERCUP.

Enough of the none-sense, the self loathing, the self degradation. Enough with feeling sorry for yourself. Stop looking in the mirror and rolling your eyes. Lay off the comparison game, because child, no one is YOU.

Time to tell your anxiety to fuck off, because, ain’t nobody got time for that. What does anxiety do for you anyways? Silences your appetite, not only for food, but for creativity and clarity. Stop allowing it to eat away at your soul, to silence your dreams and aspirations. Just stop it, because child, you can do hard things.

Take a deep breath. Wipe the sweat from your brow, pull your shoulders back, stand up straight, this isn’t the time for bad posture child. Smooth the wrinkles from your clothes, fluff your hair, pinch those cheeks and, smile.

This journey was never meant to be easy, it’s not who has the most money, it’s not about the things we own. It’s about wins and losses, about perseverance, sacrifice, ambition. So when you’re ready child, you can come out of the corner.

peace, love & tie dye,

Tami Elizabeth

  • Patricia

    You are one fierce woman my friend. I believe the perseverance and strength is something you have in spades!

  • I’ve only really experienced anxiety issues twice, but it’s no joke. Loved your post!! The pictures are gorgeous too!!!

  • Trista Peterson

    Love that last paragraph! It really puts things into perspective.

  • Kristen

    Love this! That last paragraph too- really got me!

  • Rachel Catherine

    Anxiety is so hard. That last paragraph really got me and pulled it all together.