Self Love || A Weekly Challenge to Love Yourself

Hey girl heyyy! As I sit in the back of a car returning from #bloggycon16, I had an epiphany! We need more self love!

Self love. This weekend I made a conscious effort to love myself, be proud of who I am, be proud of my blog, my social media channels, to learn new tools to step up my game…I loved myself enough to go to a blogging conference. I handed out business cards and spoke to women about their dreams and goals. That’s when I realized that every person in that convention center had invested in themselves.

BloggyCon 2016

They took the time, they took the money, and they participated in a three day long event, to benefit themselves. To love themselves.

It got me thinking, how often do we really show ourselves self love? I mean really. I haven’t painted my nails, or given myself a facial, I haven’t done yoga, I haven’t took time, not even fifteen minutes, to thank myself, to love myself… I have this sneaky suspicion that I’m not the only one missing out on this important step in self care, self love. 

So, let’s propose a solution to this, shall we? I will write posts about what I have done for myself that day, and challenge you to do the same or similar. Just love yourself, take the time to paint your nails, or dye your hair, or hop into some yoga flows. Do you, mama, do you.

So I hereby declare that I will post weekly Self Love posts and challenge you to do the same (love on yourself, that is…). I’ll be watching hashtags on Instagram under #sugsselflove so tag away! Show me your Self Love and maybe I’ll share you on my @mama_sugs account!

Love you all, remember, we have to feed ourselves in order to give ourselves to all those around us. Let’s prioritize a little self love, and our bodies and minds will reap the benefits!

Did you love on yourself today?

Peace & Love,

Tami Elizabeth

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