LuLaRoe || Crushing Goals, Chasing Dreams

My goal was ten. It’s always smart to set a goal, something to reach towards, to surpass. I try to think about goals as something attainable, with a little hard work and perseverance you can crush that goal and head towards your dreams!

Well, last Saturday, I certainly crushed my goals. I started my first Facebook Live sale for LuLaRoe. It was my “Legging Launch” it took over three hours, and three different videos due to technical difficulties. My “groupies” as they call themselves, were all so supportive and followed each video I started!

I had between 20-40 people watching the entire time, which is insane! I ended the night and left my video up for 48 hours, so that people who weren’t around for the Live could still catch the sale! Well when I closed the sale, I had a whopping…. fifty one items sold! Fifty one!

I’ve been scrambling ever since trying to send out invoices, helping ladies find matching shirts for their new leggings, package up the goodies that everyone claimed, writing addresses and prepping for a big shipment day, all while still working a full time job in the nursing home, balancing motherhood, being a wife and a BIG side job that I had to hit my deadline for.

When I came home to start my packaging hustle Wednesday night, my husband had mentioned we needed to transfer fund over from saving to checking to cover our growing bills, we had propane delivered-that’s never a good day for our finances. I went online to transfer money, took money out of savings and into checking, looked at checking and noticed a deposit. A hefty deposit from LuLaRoe.

If we wouldn’t have had that deposit, we would have been in the negatives, we would have been paying overdraft fees, we would have had the stress of figuring out how we would make it to payday. But, we didn’t. We didn’t have to worry, because ONE sale on Facebook covered our butts!

I know that people read about companies like LuLaRoe, and think, “meh it’s just a scam.”Β I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. It truly is this blessed opportunity for me to replace my full time income with a jobΒ that I love. Not everyone will have success, you need to work for it. Hustle, hustle, hustle.

I saw that deposit and I knew that this was the right path for me, taking the leap and investing in myself has saved our family from financial constraints we just don’t have time for! With two babes to take care of, a house to keep warm, cars that need gas, bellies that need food… thinking about money, Β thinking about failing financially isn’t an option.

As I continue on this journey, I will keep documenting and sharing my experiences because, I know that there are women (and men too!) that are looking for other option for financial stability. My story is true, it’s real, it’s happening, and honestly, if I could help one personΒ reach their goals to stay home with their babes, to make everyBODY feel beautiful, than my friends, it’s worth it.

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Peace, love and LuLa,

Tami Elizabeth