Attitude is Everything…

Being a Spicy Puerto Rican has it’s down falls… seriously. As much as I would like to wield around a 

machete & let everyone know just how I truly feel, I resist. Instead I will douse this washcloth with lavender essential oils & take some deep breaths, clench my healing crystal necklace from Ollie & Ezri  & refocus.
You see, I have this problem, I wear this big heart of mine on my sleeve, for everyone to notice. I’m sensitive & spicy – which is not always the best combination. When I am upset, there is no way you could miss it, even from space! It’s definitely something I need to work on, a battle I’ve been fighting my whole life. Every time I feel like I’ve made an inch of progress, shit hits the fan & back I go another 10 feet.
Today the drama & problems from the past few weeks are lingering overhead, like flies in the thick of summer – shoo fly don’t bother me!! I was hoping that by this time in my life I could happily say that drama doesn’t bring me down, doesn’t effect me, that I can overcome my problems without letting it linger, without letting it pull at my heart strings. Isn’t there a switch or something? To turn this shit off?!
As the lavender wafts into my nasal passages & into my soul, I take another deep breath, close my eyes & wish away that feeling of tears welling up. It’s just not worth it. These things that weigh heavily on my mind & heart swallow up my creativity, my drive. It’s time to just let it go, to change MY attitude, because, well…
Attitude is Everything.
“Your positive outlook brightens our days,
And helps us succeed in so many ways.
By keeping your goals right within view,
You’re truly exceptional in all that you do.”
I received this little card today with a tiny bright yellow fish pin attached to it. After having a frustrating night on the job & feeling low, I returned to work to find this little gift of thanks. A thanks I don’t feel I truly deserved, because you see… that damn heart was on my sleeve last night & showed everyone how I truly felt (typical Tami moment…insert foot in mouth).
Time to regroup, because it’s never too late for self improvement, right? Time to take a look at myself. I am 29… 30 in just under two weeks. I am a mama of such a sweet little boy, who has already showed me his spicy side (toddler tantrums, OH MY!). I have to remember that I am his example of how a person should act, how they should love, how they should respond to adversity & change… That is my job (amongst many others…), to illustrate patience, kindness & tolerance.
I will teach my son that Attitude is Everything… & in turn maybe I will learn something too.
Peace, Love & Tie Dye,
Mama Sug

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